Precision agriculture

Novagro Precision

Novagro Precision is a precision agricultural service offered exclusively by the Agrocentre network. It provides the opportunity to more precisely manage your production hectares and thus maximize profitability. This approach combines satellite positioning with soil conductance measurements to determine the true nature of your fields. Therefore, for a given field, several GPS points will represent the different areas.
Sampling and processing the collected data provides an accurate reading of the different soil components, thus giving producers greater knowledge of their fields.

Novagro Precision has numerous possibilities :

  • Soil sampling using GPS coordinates

  • Data analysis

  • Complete mapping of the fields

  • Agronomic recommendations

  • Variable-rate lime spreading

  • Variable-rate fertilizing components

  • Processing of data from YOUR yield monitor

  • Field contours

  • GPS farm plans

  • Use of the VERIS technology



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