Agro-Environmental Fertilization Plans

Soil Analyses

For an accurate representation of each agricultural business’ agro-environmental fertilization plan (PAEF), it is important to update the soil analyses for each field. Over time, depending on the crops grown and the mineral and/or organic fertilizers used, the soil components will change. For this reason, it is preferable to sample the soil on an ongoing basis, in order to maintain an up-to-date field profile. Fertilization and the needs of the different crops are determined on the basis of soil analysis.

The Agrocentre network offers soil analysis services via a partnership with different laboratories. We offer a turnkey service, which includes taking the samples and conducting a detailed analysis of your soil.

PAEF and Agro-Environment

The network, the environment, agricultural sustainability and you: the Agrocentre network can prepare your agro-environmental fertilization plan (PAEF). This not only includes a good agronomic follow-up, but also ensures that the applicable environmental standards are respected.


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