Agrocentre Fertibec inc.



Sainte-Martine branch

1475, boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste Ouest
Sainte-Martine QC
J0S 1V0 ‎
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Fertibec’s main branch

20, rue de l'Industrie, C. P. 3640
Saint-Rémi QC
J0L 2L0 ‎
Tél. : 450 454-5155
Sans frais : 1 877 337-8423
Téléc : 450 454-4287
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“Our two sites, in Sainte-Martine and Saint-Rémi, allow us to efficiently serve our clientele in western Montérégie. Our vegetable seed distribution activities are managed from the St-Rémi site.”


Our mission is to provide adapted solutions that help crop producers optimize their performance.
We achieve this mission by providing our clients with advice, distributing all of the agricultural inputs they need and helping to market the grains they produce.

A Few Key Dates

Agrocentre St-Rémi was founded in 1970. At the time, it was associated with the C-I-L multinational corporation and was exclusively focused on manufacturing and distributing fertilizers.

Fertibec was launched in 1979, in the municipality of Sainte-Martine. Back then, it was specialized in fertilizers, in association with Agrico.

After Daniel O’Donoughue joined the Agrocentre Saint-Rémi in 1983, pesticides, corn, grain and soybean seeds were added to the line of products distributed by the company.

In 1993, Jean-Luc Yelle partnered with Mr. O’Donoughue and ran Fertibec until its merger with Agrocentre Saint-Rémi in 2001, creating the Agrocentre Fertibec we know today.

In 2003, Richard Adam joined the management team, taking over from Mr. O’Donoughue and continuing the company’s development with Jean-Luc Yelle.

In December of 2007, Semences BC’s vegetable seed distribution activities were added to the Agrocentre Fertibec’s services, under the name Seminova.


Agrocentre Fertibec’s owners both grew up in the agricultural community. Richard Adam was raised on a grain and beet farm. Holder of an agronomy diploma from McGill University, which he obtained in 1990, Mr. Adam worked for Zeneca, in the agrochemical industry. While working, he obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Jean-Luc Yelle grew up on a farm specialized in potato production. After receiving an agronomy diploma from McGill in 1982, various jobs led him to discover western Montérégie and field crops. He joined Fertibec in 1993 and obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 1997.

The co-owners share their passion for agriculture with about 30 permanent employees and as many seasonal employees. Thanks to their experience in agricultural production, maintenance, logistics, IT, administration and agronomy, the company is able to offer impeccable customer service.

Characteristics of the Area Served

Agrocentre Fertibec serves agricultural businesses in western Montérégie, from west of the Richelieu River to south of the Ottawa River.

  • This region produces nearly one-quarter of the corn and soybeans grown in Quebec.
  • The presence of a pool of English-speaking producers has helped the region to innovate, thanks to different production techniques from Ontario and the United States.
  • Due to its proximity to the greater Montréal area, western Montérégie includes a large portion of the province’s vegetable growers.

Areas of Expertise

Agrocentre Fertibec became a leader in its field by being innovative in several areas of activity:

  • Custom, variable-rate lime spreading
  • Custom spraying of crop protection products
  • The expansion of the nitrogen solutions market also allowed the business to be innovative in using mobile tanks that can easily be moved from one client’s farm to another, thus permitting full tanker loads of product to be received.
  • The addition of resources dedicated to the grain trade has enabled Agrocentre Fertibec to become effectively involved in this sector.