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Agrocentre Lanaudière’s mission is to be an essential reference in its area of service with regard to vegetable and field crop production. We therefore strive to stay abreast of the latest technologies and to use innovation to create new opportunities. Our close involvement with agricultural producers in research and development projects demonstrates our desire to solve existing problems and to use inventive approaches to improve their yield and operational environment.

A Few Key Dates


Foundation of Servicentre Harnois Inc. by Jean-Marc Harnois, in partnership with the C-I-L (Canadian Industries Limited) multinational corporation. A few years later, C-I-L becomes the company’s sole shareholder.


Yves St-Jean, then manager of Servicentre Harnois Inc., partners with C-I-L. The company’s name is changed to Les Engrais Lanaudière Inc.


Christian Archambault buys Yves St-Jean’s shares.


La Coop fédérée buys C-I-L’s shares.


Christian Archambault passes the reins to his brother, Pierre Archambault, who had already been working for the company since 1985. Christian Archambault becomes Director of Sales.


Luc Boivin, who joined Engrais Lanaudière Inc. in 2003, and Mario Lafond, who had been working as a foreman in the business since 1999, partner with Pierre Archambault.


Luc Boivin and Mario Lafond become the new owners.


Large investments are made to renovate the facilities and purchase a new fertilizer mixer and scale.


In April, the company changes its corporate name to Agrocentre Lanaudière Inc. to match the rest of the group. 


A major investment is made to add a 6 000 sq. ft. seed warehouse. This warehouse is certified phase III according to AWSA norms and standards, and enables the company to offer superior service thanks to a greater storage capacity. In 2013, the company also becomes more involved in grain marketing.

Area Served

The area served by Agrocentre Lanaudière covers four administrative regions : Mauricie, Lanaudière, the Laurentians and Laval. It extends from Oka, in the Laurentians, to Louiseville in the east, and includes numerous vegetable, field crop and potato producers.

Solid Expertise

We have developed solid expertise in this field over the years, and vegetable growers now make up 50% of our clientele.

Services Offered

  • Partnerships with producers in research and development projects
  • Custom lime and gypsum spreading with GPS equipment
  • Custom spraying
  • Scouting of vegetable and small fruit crops
  • FCC : Association with Farm Credit Canada
  • Production of agro-environmental fertilization plans (PAEF)
  • Calibration of sprayers and seeders
  • Grain purchasing

We also carry the Seminova line of vegetable seeds.


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