Agrocentre Saint-Pie inc.


Main branch

2710, route 235
Saint-Pie QC
J0H 1W0
Tél.: 1 888 772-5140
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Saint-Valérien-de-Milton branch

1080, route Upton
Saint-Valérien-de-Milton QC
J0H 2B0
Tél.: 1 888 549-2675
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Agrocentre Saint-Pie, a major supplier of agricultural inputs, contributes to the success of its clients in central-eastern Montérégie, from its plants in Saint-Pie and Saint-Valérien-de-Milton.

“Our mission is to meet agricultural producers’ needs by providing a range of efficient, high-quality products adapted to their soil and crops, as well as professional services for the sound management of their operations.”



The C-I-L company, involved in the manufacture and distribution of fertilizers in Eastern Canada, builds a plant in Saint-Pie-de-Bagot in order to move closer to its clientele, which was previously served by the Saint-Hyacinthe plant. This new plant, first managed from Saint-Hyacinthe, quickly becomes self-sufficient and joins the vast Agrocentre network.


In the early 1980s, C-I-L created businesses in partnership with the sites it owned in Eastern Canada. It was in 1982 that Jacques Blouin joined the new entity that became Agrocentre Saint-Pie Inc.


The company builds a new plant in Saint-Valérien-de-Milton to better serve its clients, which are increasingly focused on corn production, with the introduction of earlier hybrids on the market.


C-I-L decides to withdraw from the agricultural market and sells all of its Agrocentre network shares to La Coop fédérée (then known as Coopérative fédérée de Québec). This new partnership gives the network access to the expertise of a major company in Quebec’s agricultural sector. 


Stéphane Chaume, Agr., becomes an equal shareholder with La Coop Fédérée.


Today, Agrocentre Saint-Pie Inc. has a team of professionals that include agronomists, qualified agricultural technologists and experienced employees in agricultural production, maintenance and administration. All offer excellent customer service and maintain privileged relations with suppliers.


Stéphane Chaume, Agr., the company’s president, has been involved in agriculture from a very young age. He helped on the family farm as he was growing up and became a shareholder at the age of 18. After graduating from the agri-food technology institute (ITA) in St-Hyacinthe, he obtained a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics from McGill University. While continuing to participate on the farm, he first worked as an agronomist for Quebec at Syngenta Seeds, before becoming director of sales at the Agrocentre Saint-Pie in 2005. A farmer himself, he focuses on the practical, and understands the realities faced by today’s agricultural producers.

Michel Gadbois, Agr., Director of Administration and Production, was also raised on a farm. Holder of a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics from McGill University, he has worked for the Agrocentre network for over 30 years. An Agrocentre St-Hyacinthe shareholder for several years, he has shared his vast experience with the Agrocentre St-Pie since 2003.


Agrocentre Saint-Pie commits to remaining a lead supplier of agricultural inputs and services for the agricultural producers we serve. We are also committed to respecting the environment. We are aware that helping our clients reach their objectives is key to our own success.

Area Served

Agrocentre Saint-Pie serves agricultural businesses south of Highway 20, between Route 112 to the west and Rivière Saint-François to the east of the Richelieu River. We also cover part of the Eastern Townships (Coaticook/Sherbrooke region).

Our clientele is very diverse : dairy, hog, poultry, vegetable and field crop operations.

Our Services

Formerly dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and distribution of fertilizers, the Agrocentre has diversified to offer all of the phytosanitary products producers need. It also offers a line of high-performance, top-quality seeds (corn, soybean, grain and forage) from Syngenta, Croplan, Prograin, Hyland, Semican and SQS. Thanks to our partners, we provide a full range of related services, such as the custom application of lime, fertilizers and plant protection products, soil sampling, GPS-based application and the production of agro-environmental fertilization plans (PAEF). The company has an impressive fleet of trucks specialized in bulk transportation, including bulk seeds and liquids. Offering our clients the best possible service is part of our business culture.


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