Maximize Your Nitrogen Fertilizers

What is Agrotain ?

Agrotain is a urea-stabilizing agent that blocks urease, an enzyme found in the soil that breaks urea down into ammonia and carbonic acid gas.

Agrotain’s advantages:

Agrotain Ultra preserves nitrogen by preventing it from being lost through volatilization. Agrotain Plus, on the other hand, slows nitrification and decreases denitrification.

See how Agrotain works: capsule orange Agrotain

Agrotain products available:

While Agrotain Ultra is added to granular urea, Agrotain Plus can only be mixed with nitrogen solutions. Ask your representative to deliver your nitrogen 32 with Agrotain Plus. You can also add it yourself. Simply order the bags and add 6.8 kg for every 200 gallons of nitrogen solution.

The image below shows how the urea contained in the granules or nitrogen solutions breaks down into a form of nitrogen that is available to your crops. It also shows at what stages nitrogen can be lost. Note where Agrotain products act.

For more information about Agrotain, read our Indice Orange article on the subject:


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