Growers have access to a vast range of several varieties, whether for specific objectives, soil types, storage methods or management choices. Given these various reasons, it is preferable to discuss with your Agrocentre advisor to make an informed choice of the cultivars to plant.

A new line

The Agrocentre network has a new line of forage seed with exclusive SQS varieties. The line includes 5010 Alfalfa, Wildcat Clover and Promesse Timothy, which come alone or mixed (Éclair 80/20, Éclair 60/40 or Wildcat mix).

The Agro-foin and Agro-foin+ grass mixes round out the offer. See for yourself! Consult the official SQS guide, Les incontournables, which lists all the varieties with their descriptions and management tips for forage.

Contact your Agrocentre advisor for more details and reserve your forage seed.


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