The Agrocentre network is the only Quebec supplier to offer as many soybean varieties to meet your agronomic needs (type of soil, direct seeding, etc.), as well as your marketing needs.

The Best IP, Roundup Ready and Liberty Soybeans

Whether you prefer conventional or biotech soybeans, do not hesitate to ask your representative for advice. Thanks to strategic alliances, our representatives have special access to studies and new developments from the most prestigious research centres.

The Agrocentre network mainly distributes NK, Prograin, Croplan and Pride brand soybeans (according to the realities at each branch), thus offering a full range of products to meet each producer’s criteria.

Soybean Seeds in Bulk

Agrocentre St-Hyacinthe’s bulk soybean seed centre is the only facility in North America to offer indoor loading. So you can even pick up your seeds on rainy days. With a seed processing capacity of 80 tons per hour, your order will be processed quickly, with no bag handling required. Learn about the many advantages of bulk seeds in our Capsule Orange news capsule. This service is offered at the Agrocentre nearest you, in collaboration with Agrocentre St-Hyacinthe.


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