Environmental Management of the Agrocentre Network

The Agrocentre network proudly subscribes to the environmental protection policies and values of its partner, La Coop fédérée. All of the network’s places of business hold a certificate of authorization issued by the MDDEFP, which allows them to legally operate a fertilizer mixing centre and is proof of adequate environmental compliance according to the competent authorities.

In order to maintain a high level of environmental management and to improve its performance, the Agrocentre network continually takes steps to protect the environment. It has its own environmental policy, which requires its sites to comply with the applicable environmental laws, regulations and requirements, as well as to La Coop fédérée’s policy. It also takes appropriate measure to prevent pollution (see the Agrocentre network’s Environmental Policy). Measures include the following:

  • The Agrocentre network is gradually implementing an environmental management system (EMS) inspired by the ISO 14001 standard in its fertilizer mixing centres, in order to maintain and improve the environmental management of its places of business.
  • ​Each fertilizer mixing centre undergoes regular environmental compliance audits to continually take the corrective measures needed to comply with the applicable environmental laws, regulations and good practices.
  • Each fertilizer mixing centre has an environmental emergency response procedure in place in the event of a spill.
  • Every real-estate transaction is subject to an environmental site assessment to evaluate the environmental and financial risks.
  • ​On occasion, during board meetings, an environmental management dashboard is presented during an update on the environmental situation, to address environmental compliance, corrective actions that need to be taken and improvement objectives for each Agrocentre.
  • ​​Finally, environmental compliance indicators are reported on a quarterly basis at proceedings held by the Agrocentre network’s partner as well as once a year to La Coop fédérée’s board of directors, in an Annual Environmental Situation Report produced by the environment department.

Environmental Policy

Because it cares about the quality of life of its employees, clients and the general public, the Agrocentre network takes steps to ensure that its businesses, activities, products and services respect the environment. To reach its objective, each Agrocentre commits to do the following:
  • Comply with the applicable environmental laws, regulations and other requirements, as well as with the environmental policy of its partner, La Coop fédérée, and take appropriate measures to prevent pollution.

  • Regularly assess its environmental performance to ensure that it is always improving.

  • Adopt and update emergency response plans in order to properly handle environmental emergencies, should they occur.

  • Conduct an environmental assessment of the businesses, activities and properties it plans to acquire or launch.

  • Develop environmental management training programs for its employees and managers.

  • Inform its employees and managers of its environmental policy, objectives and projects and encourage its members, partners, associates and affiliated businesses to adopt or support these.

  • Enforce the environmental policy and report the environmental activities to each Agrocentre’s board of directors at least once a year. This responsibility falls to each Agrocentre’s management team. Moreover, the lead SQS director will report the Agrocentre network’s situation during La Coop fédérée’s management review.


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