Echoes from the field

8 juin

L’application d’un apport fractionné d’azote sous forme de solution liquide est intéressante pour l’uniformité d’application que cette forme d’engrais procure. Mais comment appliquer le 32-0-0 sans risquer d’endommager les feuilles ? Choisir des buses à jets concentrés plutôt que des buses miroir. On veut limiter le contact entre le feuillage et la solution azotée. Appliquer le 32-0-0 quand le blé a atteint le stade fin tallage (1er ou 2e noeud), ou le stade Zadock 30 à 32. NE PAS appliquer (...)

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The Largest Variety of Hybrid Corn in Quebec

Because every field is unique, it is unlikely that a single seed company will be able to provide hybrids that suit all of your soil types and your preferred fertilization and spraying methods.

The Best IP, Roundup Ready and Liberty Soybeans

The Agrocentre network is the only Quebec supplier to offer as many soybean varieties to meet your agronomic needs (type of soil, direct seeding, etc.), as well as your marketing needs.

Wheat, Barley, Oats and More

Adding a grain to your crop rotation is an excellent agronomic practice to stop the cycle of weeds and plant disease.

More Milk Thanks to Quality Forage

Growers have access to a vast range of several varieties, whether for specific objectives, soil types, storage methods or management choices. Given these various reasons, it is preferable to discuss with your Agrocentre advisor to make an informed choice of the cultivars to plant.

A Complete Range of Products

The Agrocentre network has access to a wide range of raw materials. Whether mixed or pure, we can meet your fertilization needs.


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